Loarre Castle


Loarre Castle is a magnificent fortress located in the mountains, about 1,071 meters high in the near a village Losare and only 30 km from city. This majestic fort is considered to be the best-preserved Romanesque castle in Europe.

Huesca Museum


Huesca Museum is founded around 19 century and it is located in old Sertoriana University. And owned by State since 1918 after materialized in 1873 by the personal contribution of Valentín Carderera.

Huesca Cathedral


La Catedral de Huesca is over 800-year-old cathedral of prayer is the pride and delight of Huesca, with a huge number of explorers landing in the city consistently just to see it.

Abbey of San Pedro El Viejo


Abbey of San Pedro el Viejo was established in the 12th century and a former Benedictine monastery was built by the Benedictines.

Parque Miguel Servet


Parque Miguel Servet is a beautiful and serene park located in the heart of Zaragoza, Spain. Named after the famous Spanish physician and theologian, Miguel Servet, the park is a peaceful oasis in the midst of the bustling city.