From tasty Patata Bravas to superb seafood and deserts, Spanish food is all about making the most of the best local and traditional methods. Here we pick Top 10 famous Spanish food to try on your Spain trip. 

Famous Spanish Food.

Below we listed top 5 Spanish food dishes for you

Patata Bravas famous spanish dish

1. Patata Bravas

Patata Bravas also popular as patatas a la brava or papas bravas. These are tasty small potatoes plates that when combined can create a light supper or serve as a great appetizer. Patatas Bravas are tasty and crispy, fried cube shaped golden potato served with a smoky, spicy red sauce and a creamy garlic aioli.

Patata Bravas Ingredients – Potatoes, Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Mustard and Garlic Sauce.


2. Paella

Paella Valenciana is one from of the most popular dishes to come out of Spain. Complete with the toasty, crispy, golden crust on the bottom and amazing traditional Spanish flavors.

Paella Ingredients – Rice, Chicken, Shrimp, Onion, Olive Oil, Paprika, Oregano, Garlic, black and red pepper.


3. Calamari

Squid is eaten in numerous cooking styles. In English the name calamari is regularly utilized for squid dishes. There are numerous approaches to get ready and cook squid. Browned squid is basic in the Mediterranean.

Calamari Ingredients – Squid, canola oil, kosher salt, garlic powder, flour and some lemon pieces.

Pescaito Frito famous spanish food

4. Pescaito Frito

A decent fried fish or ‘pescaíto frito’ In the southern Spanish locale of Andalusia, the ‘pescaíto frito’ is as hallow as paella is for the Valencian. On the off chance that you request a suggestion for best Spanish food, you will find that the vast majority will give you one, regardless of whether they have never entered a kitchen.

Pescaito Frito Ingredients – white anchovies(small fish), oregano, thyme, cornstarch, pepper and oil. 


5. Croquetas

It is very famous Spanish food . It can be made from goat cheese to risotto, dark beans and chicken. You can attempt a wide range of croquettes. Croquetas are small, covered with bread crumbs and fried. Some round, some in log structure, all heavenly. They are a certain hit as a starter or an evening nibble.The best part is you can make the batter early and solidify it.

Croquetas Ingredients – Chicken, nutmeg, pepper, bread crumbs, plain butter and olive oil.

Famous Spanish Dessert

Check out top 5 list of famous Spanish desserts below-


1. Churros

In Spain, most local people are soundly in the group sweet classification well as they frequently welcome the day with churros con chocolate. Indeed, that is churros with fluid chocolate we’re discussing, and, truly, it’s flavorful and has been occurring in Spain for many years. While you can absolutely discover churros sprinkled with cinnamon sugar in the States, however churros started in Spain and we must offer credit to where the sweet tidbit began. Obviously, as such a significant number of other nourishment inclines, there’s a trick to the historical backdrop of churros.


2. Tarta de Santiago

Each city that if strolled through cafe in Spain you will find with one thing practically speaking, the Tarta de Santiago. This cake is produced using almonds, lemon and orange and a couple of different fixings. It’s effortlessness and provincial nature help be to remember the straightforwardness of a significant number of the towns one can traveled through. The cross over the cake is an image of Saint James, and is suitably stenciled on the highest point of each cake in the area.


3. Yemas de Santa Teresa

Yemas de Santa Teresa is a pastry that is popular in Spanish province of Avila. In Spanish, yemas word means egg yolks. It refers to yemas de Santa Teresa, a rich and velvety, conventional Spanish pastry. They are basic and made of egg yolks, granulated sugar, and water with a powdered sugar covering. This tasty delicacy has a rich history in Spain and is a forte of numerous cake shops, especially in the city of Avila. A few Spaniards like to set up this sweet for the blowout day of St. Theresa, which is October fifteenth.


4. Fartons

Fartons are so light and fluffy kind of long bread which created mainly to eat with cold horchata de chufa, a Valencia traditional drink, made of tiger nuts. Lengthened and coated with sugar, they are made of flour, milk, sugar, oil, eggs and they are confectionery sweets of the Valencian town of Alboraya, Spain.


5. Xuixo

Xuixo is a baked pastry and made from a yeast-leavened dough  from the city of Girona in Spain. It’s cylindrical shaped deep-fried, crystalline sugar-coated pastry filled with crema catalana. Commonly eaten for breakfast or tea. And also known as “Chucho” in Castilian.