Valle del Ambroz – A wonderul colors Autumn

The Ambroz Valley is a paradise for nature lovers with beautiful mountains, forest, beautiful small villages, rivers and many charms. Know as Valle del Ambroz valley is situated in the north side of the Spanish province of Cáceres.


The beauty of this valley lies in the small and loving attractions that surprise you. Like the Herves, La Garganta, LA Chorrera, etc.

But the autumn of Valle del Ambroz is probably the most attractive element of the Ambrose Valley. And this Magic Autumn of Ambroz Valley is celebrated as festival for national tourist interest during the months of October to December.

In autumn season during last months of years, this Valley comes alive with a palette of ochres, like a colorful-magical place full of flowers. And brings happiness and fun to the whole valley and its people.

Other Attractions in the Ambroz Valley (Valle del Ambroz)

La Chorrera Waterfall

The La Chorrera de Hervas is a waterfall in Hervas. The beauty of this hiking trail among the shadows of the trees with the views of the valley and the noise of the water is incomparable.


Hervas is a town there with its narrow streets, small houses and architectural heritage like Jewish Quarter make Herves top attraction of the valley.


A beautiful landscape of pastures surrounds the city of Abadia south of the Ambroz region.

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