30 Facts about Spain You Didn’t Know

Are you ready to read some best facts about Spain? A Countries with most diverse culture then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of 30 Facts about Spain, which divide further into four categories below –

General Facts about Spain

  1. Bull is the national animal of Spain.
  2. The official name of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain and Spain still has a king.
  3. La Tomatina an annual festival of Spain, in which participants throw tomatoes on each other on last Wednesday of August.  
  4. Spain is not just a region its divided into 17 regions. 15 of these regions are in mainland of Spain and other 2 regions are island groups.
  5. The most popular type of music in Spain is the Flamenco.

Historic Facts about Spain 

  1. Spain is home to the world’s oldest restaurant. Yes, Sobrino De Botin is the World’s oldest restaurant situated in Madrid city in Spain. This restaurant was opened in 1725 by Frenchman Jean Botin.
  2. Spain didn’t officially participate in the world wars as Spain remained neutral throughout World War.
  3. Spain wasaccidentally invaded by Britain (United Kingdom) in 2002. When Britain trying to land at Gibraltar and got lost, but not noticed by Spain.
  4. Tirant lo Blanc, the first novel and most important book written in Catalan. It was written by Spanish author Joanot Martorell in (1413-1468).
  5. Don Quixote, Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes written in 1605, is considered to be the first modern novel. This novel has two parts, 1st part published in 1605 and 2nd in 1615.

Interesting Facts about Spain

  1. In Spain there’s no tooth fairy, whenever Spanish children lose a tooth, they just put their tooth under the pillow and believe that a small mouse as Ratoncito Pérez comes to collect it & leaves a gift for them its place.
  2. Spain is a home of 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites and 3rd country on the list of most World Heritage Sites because you can explore many places to visit in Spain having mingle of culture and variety of stunning natural landscapes of the country.
  3. Spain’s national anthem has no words. Because a lot of attempts to set words to the ‘Marcha Real’, but none of these suggested lyrics have been officially approved by the government of Spain.
  4. Nudity is legal in Spain, yes is no law against public nudity in Spain. But it doesn’t mean you can go anywhere as its not appreciated by residents. Mostly it is only practiced on some beaches in Spain.
  5. Christmas lottery of Spain is the world’s biggest one which has worth of 4 million euros. Moreover, there are many more prizes below 4 million.
  6. The 47-story skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain has no elevator, height of this building is 188 meters. Because the skyscraper was originally planned to have only 20 stories but due to rise in demand by tenants, 27 more stories added by architects.
  7. There’s a cable car in Spain where you can cross the Spanish-Portuguese border.
  8. In Spain you will find people traditionally have two surnames first one of father’s first surname and second of mother’s first surname.
  9. The third-largest city in Spain i.e., Valencia was once under Muslim dominance for five centuries.
  10.  Spanish sailor Gabriel de Castilla from Spain in 1577-1620 became the first man ever to see Antarctica.

Best of Spain Facts 

  1. The first digital calculator was discovered in Spain by the Spanish civil engineer and mathematician Leonardo Torres y Quevedo in 1914.
  2. Spain gives the world mop and bucket to make house cleaning easy. It was invented by an engineer and a Spanish Air Force member in 1956.
  3. The quill pen is thought to have originated in Seville, Spain about 1,400 years ago in 600 AD.
  4. The first known stapler was made in the 18th century in the Basque country 
  5. Spain is the world’s largest producer of Olive Oil and produce the second largest amount of saffron in the world.
  6. Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes with one’s family when the clock turns 12 on New Year’s Eve that symbolize 12 lucky months ahead.
  7. Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered California in 1499-1543. He is best known for exploring the coast of California.
  8. Spain is very famous for its beautiful Spanish beaches but do you know? There are more than 8000 beaches in Spain.
  9. The first astronaut’s space suit was discovered in Spain in 1935 by Emilio Herrera Linares who was a Spanish engineer and physicist.
  10.  Spain Football team holds a total of 28 wins, which makes the world record of winning most consecutive football matches.