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Spain is a beautiful, interesting, and dynamic country of stone castles, snow covered vast monuments, located in Europe with 17 independent regions having diverse geography and cultures full of uniqueness and variety. Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe, the 2nd largest country in Western Europe and the European Union with an area of 505,990 km sq. The Capital city of Spain is Madrid, a home to the Royal Palace and the Prado museum. Madrid and Barcelona are the best cities to visit in Spain. And plus point of Spain is that it is not expensive country to visit. Which is why traveling and backpacking to most beautiful places in Spain is so much fun with budget from our list of top places to visit in Spain.

“Una ciudad energética donde la vida se mueve lentamente.”

Language: The official and widely spoken language of Spain is Spanish and Catalan, Galician, Basque also spoken by a minority of population. Whereas in Spain, English is spoken rarely.

Currency: The currency used in Spain is the Euro.

Spanish Art & Culture: Spanish art, architecture, have been formed by progressive waves of foreign invaders, as well as by the country itself.Spanish art has played an important role in contribution to Western art and many great artists born here including VelazquezGoya and Pablo Picasso.

Most of Spanish life is penetrated by its Roman legacy, making Spain one of the real Latin nations of Europe. Spanish culture is set apart by solid notable connections to Catholicism, which assumed an important job in the nation’s development and ensuing character.

Spanish Food: Spanish food is loaded with full of flavor and character and vigorously affected by recorded procedures that formed local culture and society. Spain’s geography and atmosphere had extraordinary effect on cooking techniques and accessibility of ingredients. These cooking techniques and ingredients are as yet present in the gastronomy of the different districts that make up Spain. Spanish cooking gets from an old and complex history where attacks and triumphs of Spain have changed customs which made new ingredients accessible.

Along the present and old cooking of Spain joins old and new conventions however all depends upon a bounty of locally developed vegetables and natural products just as meat and poultry. Spain isn’t popular for sustenance yet in addition known for its wines.

Spain was among the 1st European countries that find the fortunes of the New World. Starting in the late 1400s, explorers came back from voyages over the Atlantic Ocean conveying such exotic new foods like tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peppers, chocolate, vanilla. In Spain most utilized day by day food items are cheese, eggs, beans, rice, almonds, bread and so on.

Lifestyle of Spain: Living in Spain is the fantasy for some. Spain appears to be minimal unique from that in other industrialized nations of the West. The vast majority envision sentimental walks around lovely cobblestone walkways with flamenco music playing out of sight, tasting sangria at in the al fresco (open air) bars. There remain, nonetheless, some significant practices that are particular to Spain. The most self-evident, particularly for outside guests, is the association of the day and the planning of dinners. Lunch, which is the primary supper of the day, is eaten between 2:00 – 3:00 PM. Dinner, a lighter supper, is additionally taken late, somewhere in the range of 9:00 – 10:00 PM in Spain, or even later during the summer months.

Best Places to visit in Spain – Cities Tour

If you are planning to venture out to Spain Tour then for sure Spain, is a nation that charms itself to all. Be it its verifiable spectacle, hypnotizing excellence, plenty of vivid celebrations, or the delightful carefree individuals. Below are the best places to visit in Spain–

10 Alicante


Alicante is a town on Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca, and the capital of the Alicante province. It consolidates classic with modern, recreation with business, and even mountains with shorelines. Alicante has narrow streets, shaded houses and the magnificent shorelines and all year mellow atmosphere make Alicante one of Spain’s most significant visitor territories.

The dining scene in Alicante is thrilling and the nightlife is absolutely legendary. Alicante is famous among tourism due to its resorts, castles, museum and dynamic atmosphere, its charming Spanish city.



Huesca is famous for its hilly medieval old town, on top of it Gothic Huesca Cathedral is situated. One of its main attractions in Huesca is its Pyrenean mountain range, which is the unfeasible place for skiing in winter, and home to several beautiful resorts. Huesca bring together locals and travelers by its excellent road and air links.

Huesca is a small and friendly city, which boasts a millennium history. The locals are very accommodating, and invite visitors. The beautiful part in the center of the city is home to Huesca museum, Cathedral and famous Huesca Parque Miguel Servet park where you can take your photo with natural surroundings.



Malaga a Birthplace of famous Pablo Picasso, rich of history and brimming places. Here you can find many beautiful resorts, beaches for holidays. This city highlighted the creative work of city’s artists – Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Roman Theater etc. Malaga city offers beautiful beaches, hiking spots, architectural sites, art museums, shopping experience and delicious cuisine.

In Malaga, you will get to see old historic architecture and you can experience an ancient and modern art form of the city. And if you are visiting this city then you have plenty of things to do in Malaga.

7 Seville


Seville is an excellent, artistic, cultural city with great palaces, churches and full of historic architectures and also have good shopping spots there. Seville is third largest city and the capital city of the Andalusia region of Spain. This city is birth place of its world-famous classic flamenco dancing.
The beauty of buildings, monuments, and vibrant life make Seville worth exploring. Visiting Seville means exploring a very rich Spanish architectural and historical heritage, but also diving into Spanish culture with some tapas, sangria and flamenco.

6 Granada


It is one of the most visited and beautiful city in Spain that’s why Known as “The Moorish Jewel”. Granada is a part of southern Spain and located at the foot of the “Sierra Nevada” mountain range. The best place to explore beautiful gardens, local charming streets, traditional cuisine and world-famous Alhambra palace.

From its rich and varied landscape to every delicious bite of local cuisine, Granada is absolutely enchanting.

5 Cordoba


Cordoba is an important city in Spain and a major Islamic center, it is the capital of Cordoba province. The Great Mosque of Cordoba is A UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site and one of the main attractions there. Another appealing aspect in Cordoba is the old town that is Old Jewish Quarter.

4 Bilbao


Bilbao, a city of modern transformation at a global level and has maintained a number of hallmarks that make it one and unique. Bilbao is the core of a city where in excess of a million people live. It is the focal point of the financial social improvement and the primary factor of the modernization of the Bay of Biscay.

3 Valencia


Valencia lies on Spain’s southeastern coast, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for its City of Arts and Sciences, with advanced structures including a planetarium, an oceanarium and Valencia’s museums. And one of the most active cities in Spain regarding events, fairs and conferences.

2 Madrid


Madrid the capital of Spain is undoubtedly among the most beautiful cities of the country. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that cooperates with the most modern infrastructures and the status as an economic, financial, administrative. It is famous for its nightlife, beautiful architecture, museums – the Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía etc.

1 Barcelona


Barcelona top our list of top places to visit in Spain because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country Known as Gaudi’s City. Barcelona is an amazing city to visit and the second-largest city in Spain. In Barcelona you’ll find prehistoric structures throughout the city. Traveling to Barcelona is unforgettable experience full of adventure.

Transportation in Spain

Transport in Spain is portrayed by a broad system of streets, railroads, quick travel, air courses, and ports. Spain is presently attempting to increment and improve linkage with the rail frameworks of France and Portugal, including fast rail between Madrid and Lisbon.

Spain Railways – Spain has one of the best and indeed, rail systems covering whole Spain with High-speed AVE trains. Major railways stations of Spain are – Zamora station, Toledo station, Estació del Nord, Valencia, Atocha station, Lleida-Pirineus station.

Air Travel Spain- There are countless air terminals situated all through Spain and every single one of the air terminals administration different urban communities, locales and towns crosswise over Spain. Main airports are Valencia Airport, San Pablo Airport, Madrid Barajas Airport, Malaga Airport, Barcelona International Airport, Lanzarote Airport, Las Palmas/Gran Canaria Airport .Some real urban communities in Spain additionally have a few little airplane terminals which are found near them.

Water Ports – There are Port of Barcelona, Port of Valencia, Port of Bilbao, Port of Algeciras, Port of Madrid, Port of Zaragoz in Spain.
Where you want to go from above top 10 places to visit in Spain ?