Things to do in Alicante Spain

In Alicante You can enjoy your trip in museums and churches, and in the afternoon swim in clear water or can go for shopping. The modern network in Alicante makes it a breeze from one attraction to the next. So let’s explore best things to do in Alicante Spain


1. Santa Barbara Castle

Santa Barbara Castle, generally known as Castillo de Santa Bárbara, situated on a mountain Benacantil in the center of the Alicante city. The first castle at Santa Barbara was built in the late 9th century during Muslim regime. It is a strategic place around the sea, having superb perspectives over the city, close by San Fernando Fort, and the vast surrounding area.

You can see so much of the old beautiful castle, little restaurant and cafe at the top if you want a quick snack. You can walk up and a lift takes you back down but there is plenty of parking if you are driving up then enjoy the lovely views from the top.

When to visit Santa Barbara Castle – A moderate climate with sunshine most of the month’s daytime but temperature falling down in evening.


2. Guadalest Valley

Guadalest Valley, famous as the ‘Eagle’s Nest’ basically this valley is lies in village. This fabulous tourist spot can be reached after a 1 hr drive from Alicante which offers stunning views of the mountain scenery. Guadalest Valley is situated at about 25kms from Benidorm. In the ancient times Guadalest was initially an Islamic nation, and was of incredible military significance.

Beautiful place to visit with some breathtaking views and colorful photo’s to be had. Well worth the visit to this place you won’t be disappointed.

When to visit Guadalest Valley – As this valley is 600 mts above sea level, so visit in Summers because generally the temperature in Guadalest be somewhat cooler than Benidorm.


3. Archaeological Museum of Alicante

The MARQ Museum was originally located on the ground floor of the Provincial Council building on the Avenida de la Estación a Venue in Almadente. In 2002 it was relocated to the former site of San Juan de Dios Provincial Hospital.

This Museum is Small but extremely well presented. Very atmospheric exhibitions that are intelligently and cleverly put together. The mock ups of archaeological sites are brilliant.

When to visit Archaeological Museum – Follow opening and closing hours.


4. Barrio Santa Cruz

Barrio Santa Cruz is one of the oldest area of Alicante City, which is famous for its colorful houses and narrow streets. The Barrio de Santa Cruz is a large area surrounded by all the old quarters in the city of Alicante. However, in tourist guides, when people talk about the Barrio de Santa Cruz, they refer to the main residential area at the highest point of the barrio.

The area was built before all of the modern tower blocks moved into the entire city, and has maintained its ancient charm and feature due to the high slope, which means that older, smaller houses have not been demolished.

When to visit Barrio Santa Cruz – Your choice

Basilica of Santa María Alicante

5. Basilica of Santa María Alicante

The oldest church in the city of Alicante. Built on the site of the mosque in the 18th century after the Reconquista. in the Gothic style. Santa Maria church has been modified many times since.

The main front is notable with the image of the Virgin by the sculptor Juan Bautista Borja. It’s a nice church with some awesome things to see inside.

When to visit Basilica of Santa Maria – Not specific you can visit anytime.


6. Rambla de Mendez Nunez

La Rambla of Alicante and the Esplanade Spain are two of the favorite places for Alicante locals and also for tourists. They make some of the points of the city and is almost impossible not to go there when visiting Alicante. La Rambla joins Alfonso the Wise Avenue to another of the most famous sights of the Alicante that’s Esplanade of Spain.

In addition, it is one of those places that is typical for eating or drinking, shopping or walking. The avenue is wide and a space has been reserved for trees and plants with old stalls in the middle of the street which gives that space a lot of personality.

When to visit Rambla de Mendez – Not Specific, anytime.


7. Mercado Central

Mercado Central Market Hall is the largest market in Budapest. It was created in 1897 to control the quality of food. There was much controversy with the creation of the market as the population saw an increase in the price of the material, although with World War II the prices were already excessive and complaints were horrifying. The market has all types of food and

When to visit Mercado Central – Opens from Monday to Sunday, although the most agitated day is Saturday morning.

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